Thursday, July 20, 2006

Holla Hezbollah Bitches!

So now we have Lebanese Gone Wild and I have to say these two broads probably don't even know what they're protesting as they stomp the Israeli flag.

It's nice that in America, everyone can express themselves and say whatever they want, even asshole students here on a visa from other countries.

So they take and enjoy all the freedoms that Americans do, and then turn around and go Hezbollah on our ass in our own backyard.

I wonder what would happen if you thousands of Jews show up at this protest or whatever the hell you'd call it.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Newsflash: There is no Brokeback Mountain here!

Living in Wyoming is nice. Lots of people from the East Coast (like me) actually moved here because Wyoming still has PLENTY of wide open spaces, in fact, most towns are 50 miles or more a part.

We've got the Rockies, and we're not far from various parts of the West that are often sought after.

  • Mount Rushmore in Rapid City, SD
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Battle of Little Bighorn
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Jackson Hole
  • Sturgis, SD

    Did you notice, there is no Brokeback Mountain on that list? Because it doesn't exist.

    I think plenty of people know this, but it's funny to see the paranoid rednecks worried that we're going to have a huge influx of gay men coming to Wyoming looking for gay Cowboys. Everywhere you go, you hear "Jeez I hope them queers don't come to Wyoming looking for a piece of ass."

    Like gay men aren't known for meticulous planning and would have looked it up on MapQuest or some other travel planning web site before just showing up in Wyoming.

    So yes, as many people from the East and West Coasts that have moved here, we still have some old fashioned rednecks worried about homosexuals.

    Besides, one would think that most of the attraction would be the stud bikers in leather over at Sturgis in August, right?

  • Saturday, July 08, 2006

    Joe Biden is an IDIOT

    Delaware Senator Joe Biden showed his true colors in this video when speaking with Indian students...



    "I was making the point that up until now in my state, we've had a strong Indian community made up of leading scientists and researchers and engineers," Biden said. Lately, he said: "We're having middle- class people move to Delaware, take over Dunkin' Donuts, take over businesses, just like other immigrant groups have, and I was saying that ... they're growing, it's moving."

    BULLSHIT... you said "DUNKIN' DONUTS" and "7-11". You didn't say shit about science, research, or engineering you fucking asshole.

    "I could have said that 40 years ago about walking into a delicatessen and saying an Italian accent in my state," Biden added.

    Yeah, because that's better, right?


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